Adding a Wristband/Card

If you have not created your Intellitix Web account, please visit this help article for further instructions. 

To Top-up funds to your Event Balance online, view your transaction history, send yourself transaction receipts, and access your Refund Request form, you need to add a wristband or card to your Intellitix Web account. 

Once you are logged into your Intellitix Web account, follow the below instructions on how to add a wristband or card to your account. 

  1. From your My Events Page click the Add Wristband/ Card button or click the Add Wristband/Card page on the left-hand side menu 
  2. This will bring you to the Add Wristband/ Card page where you can enter the 14-16 digit UID and security code located on the back of the wristband/card
    • If you have any issues reading the codes on your wristband/card- we can help! From the email address associated with the ticket order, please email our support team a picture of the back of your wristband and we can provide you with the UID and security code.
  3. Once the UID and Security code have been inputted click Add Wristband/Card button

Claim WR:Card.gif


Entering the incorrect wristband credentials will bring guests to Transactions page

If you enter incorrect wristband credentials (wrong UID and/or security code) on the Add Wristband/Card page, you will be redirected to a page called “Transactions.” This means you did not successfully add your wristband to your Intellitix Web account. You will need to return to the Add Wristband/Card page and enter the correct credentials.

You will know when your wristband is successfully added to your Intellitix Web account when you see the event listed on your My Events page, and there is a button that says View on the right-hand side.

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An Intellitix Web Account can only be connected to 1 wristband or card. You are unable to add more than 1 wristband or card to an Intellitix Web Account. 

If you share an email address and you'd like to create two separate accounts using one email address, follow the below steps:

Begin by creating the first Intellitix Web account using your email address. Make sure to complete all the necessary steps: Visit, input your information, click the verification link in the email you receive, and then proceed to add your wristband and payment method. Once done, sign out of this account. For detailed instructions on setting up your account, refer to this article.

Next, we suggest opening a new incognito or private browser window to create the second account. This prevents any interference with the first account you just created. To open such a window, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • For Mac/Apple computers: Command+Shift+N
  • For Windows computers: Ctrl+Shift+N

In the newly opened window, navigate to This time, when entering your email address, append a "+" followed by a word before the "@" symbol. For example, if your email is, you would enter This approach creates the impression of a new email address for the cashless account while still directing verifications to your original email. Proceed with the account creation, as you did for the first account.

If you have used your wristband or card already at the event to top-up and/or make purchases, after you add your wristband or card to your Intellitix Web account your Event Balance, Refund Request form, and transaction history will be available. 

Now that you’ve added your wristband or card to your Intellitix Web account, below are a couple of other articles for you to check out! 

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