Intellitix Web: Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked Intellitix Web questions: 

Unable to Login

From the Forgot Password page on Intellitix Web, insert your email address and send yourself a password reset email. If you don’t see this email in your inbox, double-check your spam/ junk folder. 

Not Receiving Emails (Verification or Password Reset Email)

  • Double-check your spam folder
  • Add to your accepted email list and then use the ‘Forgot your password?’ option again
  • If you are using a mobile device and are experiencing issues, try switching to a desktop/computer

If you still can’t receive our system emails, see the options below: 

  • Option 1: Create a new Intellitix Web account with a different email address. We’ve found Gmail tends to not have issues with receiving Intellitix system emails. 
  • Option 2: Add funds to your wristband instead at the festival: There will be top-up locations at the event. 

Unable to Check the Terms & Conditions Box

If you're using a mobile device, try adjusting your view by zooming out from your phone settings. We've noticed that being too zoomed in can prevent you from accepting the terms and conditions box. Here are some additional troubleshooting steps:

  1. Completely close your browser and reopen a new one to create your Intellitix Web account.
  2. Consider using an incognito web browser to create the account.
  3. Try creating the account on a different device, such as a different computer or mobile device. You can find computers available at both the Box Office and Customer Service locations at the event.

Credit Card Expiry Date is Showing Expired

Double check that you have the expiry date format correct mm/yy example if the expiry date is November 2027 you need to enter 11/27. Double-check that you have added a / between the month and year. 

Unable to Attach a Payment Method 

When you attach your credit card to your Intellitix Web account, a brief verification check is conducted to ensure the card's validity. This results in a $1 charge that will be promptly refunded to you within 5-10 business days. Occasionally, banks may interpret this charge as suspicious, leading them to block your credit card. 

We recommend reaching out to your bank and clarify that the charge is legitimate. Inform them of your intention to add your credit card to your cashless event for an event you are attending. This should help resolve any potential issues.

Unable to Add 2 Wristbands to 1 Intellitix Web Account

​​All cashless accounts allow one wristband per event to be added. If you have another wristband being used by someone else that person should also make their own account and add the wristband they're using to it. If you want both wristbands to make purchases from the same credit card, you can add the same credit card to both accounts.

If you need any assistance creating a second email address, visit this help article.  

Product Refund

To initiate the refund process, please visit the vendor from whom you made the purchase and request them to submit a refund request form on your behalf. Once the vendor submits the refund request form, we'll be able to proceed with issuing your refund.

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